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Uninspired. Music, lately, has been completely uninspiring for me. Something I never thought would ever, ever, occur for such an extended period of time as this one. Thus, resulting in my inadequate posting as of late. That and the fact that perhaps my inspiration has greatly shifted from music to literature? I have been devouring countless books in the past 3 months. On average, about 3 or 4 per week. Thank the lord for cheap Montreal used book stores. Thank the lord for the man who works at The Word and finds the numerous books being added to my ‘must read’ list in his stock full attic. I’ve been considering transforming Withindianlove from music to book blog. Hmm. Perhaps in time, or perhaps…BOTH!

BUT, tonight, ONE SONG HAS INSPIRED ME. One song has stalled my devoted night reading time —–> ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence and the Machine. I wrote about them a while ago here, and since then have been waiting PATIENTLY for the ever anticipated release of their LP. ‘Cosmic Love’ is our first little sneak peak off of Lungs which is to be released on July 6th. The tribal-esque instumentation is a perfect quirk to set Florence Welch’s vocals apart from other powerful female voices radiating our sound waves. I will leave you with a quote from her bio and the song itself:

Her debut album ‘Lungs’ is made of harps, choirs, drums, elevator shafts, bits of metal, love, death, fireworks, string quartets, stamping, sighing, strange electronic wailing, lambs, lions, sick, broken glass, blood, moon, stars, drink, coffins, teeth, water, wedding dresses.. and the silences in between. The songs are full of Gothic imagery, of fairytale flights of fantasy….

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love


Caytee Lush is a friend of mine who won me over the first time I heard her pick up a little half sized guitar at 2 a.m during a party at (“The Experimental Love Collectives”) house. I remember my very first initial (semi-intoxicated) thought was “KIMYA DAWSON!” (clever, witty, lyrics, etc.), but I have now come to realize Caytee’s talent is much more dynamic than Dawson’s (and I must say, I consider myself to be quite a fan of the Moldy Peaches).  Since then she’s played quite a few solo acoustic sets in cafes/pubs around Montreal, where you are able to pick up free (with hand drawn covers) home recorded albums, which I would gladly give money for if it weren’t for the fact that she refuses. Anyways, this blog post should have come ages ago, but now it has become completely and totally NECESSARY to announce and share her incredible talent with the rest of my world, since her recording of an album titled Good News For People Who Love Bad Covers, which I’m sure doesnt need much of an explanation. One of my very first blog posts was titled “We All Want to Be Like Modest Mouse” and consisted of my favourite Modest Mouse covers (Sun Kil Moon, Josh Ritter, Joshua James, etc.), and I wish Caytee Lush had been known to me at the time as she would have balanced (and surpassed) the male-populated playlist. Please, Please, PLEASE listen to these songs, I promise they will not dissapoint.

You can go to her myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/cayteesingssometimes and get all her albums for FREE INCLUDING Good News For People Who Love Bad Covers

Caytee Lush – Ocean Breathes Salty (Modest Mouse Cover)

Caytee Lush – Blame It On the Tetons (Modest Mouse Cover)

and from the album Everyone Thinks I’m Kidding

Caytee Lush – Straight Girls

There was a stage in my life where I would spend hours upon hours on myspace.com going from one bands page to the next. It was doing this a few years ago that led to the discovery of Jenny Owen Youngs, the Age Of Rockets, Gregory and the Hawk, etc. One of my greatest ‘finds’ has been Thom Stone, who three or four years ago had only about 100 playcounts on the song that won me over, “She Knows” (one of the greatest summer songs), and played a few shows in some pubs in Manchester, UK. A miraculous discovery at the time, I must say. He has since gone on to release the EP Harmony on a Jet Plane which I blogged about here. Anyways, although he has yet to make it over to Canada, I am hoping the release of his NEW EP Hearts & Bones will sell enough copies to send him over this way!

Yes, a new EP! Not only that, but one that is double disked, therefore, it contains enough songs to tie me over until he releases more of his incredible, incredible music. Thank you to Josh from Airbag Recordings who sent me an advance copy of the EP which is to be released on May 25th, which everyone should buy here on that very day. Also, unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the EP launch in London at the Soho Arts Club on Frith Street, BUT, for those of you who reside in that part of the world, GO! Anyways, I’m going on my third time through both disks, and I am really quite impressed. He just does it for me, his voice, it has this constant air of ‘what the fuck ever’ in it, or something. You know? A Bob Dylan, no big deal, sort of appeal. The EP is bending a little more on the acoustica-americana-harmonica driven side of things, which makes it an IDEAL driving-through-the-alberta-praries-with-the-windows-down-because-you-don’t-have-air-conditioning-in-your-1982-VW-Jetta type of summer album. YES!

Thom Stone – Hearts & Bones

Thom Stone – Fever

Thom Stone – She Knows




The final day of Folk Fest is also the day I start looking forward to the following years. Alley and I start placing bets on who’s going to show up ‘next year’, from obvious local bands to… ‘IMAGINE if SUFJAN came?!’.  I think I feel the MOST infinite those four days of the year. This one festival (and my mothers home made sangria) brings together everyone I care about most in this whole entire world. This all sounds cheesy, I know, but honestly!

Anyways, I’m writing all this due to the fact that last night I nearly died. Nearly. I mean, I’ve been nostalgically looking forward to the summer, and more importantly, Folk Fest, for quite some time now, but it hit me at a speed of about 6 million miles per second last night. I was making my way down St.Denis (for those who know this street and how it comes to life on a friday evening, you may have an easier time visualizing) by myself, going to pick up some food at Le Commensal (a vegetarian buffet) after a grueling Calculus final, when I WAS HIT SMACK IN THE FACE WITH THE MOST HEART WARMING SMELL OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! It took me a whole 3 minutes to pin point exactly what it was, I mean, okay, it was the smell of spicy chai, (a smell i smell nearly every morning as I steep myself a pot), but there was something about this spicy chai that made me near TEARS. TEARS! In fact, I had to sit down on the curb out of fear of fainting from my light headed state. WHAT WAS IT!? Does it smell like the chai I had at a really good Indian restaurant I once ate at? NO. Somewhere I went on my travels? NO!!!…it’s…..IT’S…. It was the exact, EXACT, home brewed, huge witch cauldron, smell of the chai brewed in the gypsy van at folk fest. EXACT. And, my god, right then, I swear I would have given away both my legs just to be time warped to late July.

On that topic, I’ve been stalking the ‘leak of the week’ page on the site for the last few months now, and besides The Acorn and Mark Berube, there hasn’t been anything too exciting yet, BUT, THIS WEEKS LEAK OF THE WEEK: IRON & WINE. IRON & WINE. yes! a band we have most likely all ‘grown up’ on. Indie folk at its finest. Along the same lines as The Shins, and The Postal Service, Iron & Wine were right there pushing me in the right direction through my puberty rich years. What makes me verrrry excited about this is that: a) I have yet to see them perform. b) of those that have seen them, I have received the most incredibly mixed reviews (SUSPENSE). and c) If Iron & Wine were to play an infinite show somewhere, it would be Prince’s Island Park.

Anyways, here’s three things for us to look forward to:

Mark Berube – Say It Aint So (Live)

The Acorn – Flood Pt. 1

Iron & Wine – 16, Maybe Less

and most likely (as they come everyyy year, and will never, ever seize to unsatisfy me):

Great Lake Swimmers – Concrete Heart


Bat For Lashes – Siren Song


The Acorn – Crooked Legs

*Ottawa’s, The Acorn are coming to Calgary for our annual Folk Festival from July 23-26, please make an effort to come*

*note: this weeks leak of the week: Bell Orchestre ———–> YIPEE*