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I dont know much about Thats Him! Thats The Guy!, their from Michigan and the band is made up of David Martin and Joseph Scott, thats really as far as my knowledge goes. If The Weakerthans and Snow Patrol had a musical child, it would be this band. The song “Red Folder” is one of those epic songs that could be played in a scene which involves someone running to proclaim their (only, just realized) love for someone else. (very similar to the O.C scene where “Dice” is played?). Check out their myspace songs and buy their cd: www.myspace.com/thatshimthatstheguy

Thats Him! Thats The Guy!- Red Folder



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I remember the first time i heard “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and only wished i could sing with as much emotion, and look just as cool as Karen O. I’m mostly a huge fan of acoustic renditions of songs, and this one stays true to that

Maps (acoustic)- The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s


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Here it is! The music blog i have wanted to start for years! Why start now? When i’m half way across the world? Because music is the only thing that drowns out the mayhem going on in the streets of Vietnam! How will i get music when I’m not on my computer? It will come, dont worry. And for my first ever music blog post, i think it only fits that i write about Bon Iver, my most played musician in these past 6 months of travelling. I have to apologize for being behind on the new artists, but i PROMISE, when i get home, i will try my best! I will work hard! I will give this music blog as much love as my a.d.d mind can! I pinky sware!

Bon Iver, a.k.a Justin Vernon, is what i consider (and many might disagree) the Indie Folk of all Indie Folk. A mixture of the calming guitars of Iron and Wine and the off beat, but soothing voice of Devandra Banhart. Originally part of the band DeYarmond Edison, Vernon left the group to spend four months in a secluded cabin to write the beautiful For Emma, Forever Ago. The first song I heard, which was on my Ipod for a strange amount of time, considering this album was only just released, was the title track “For Emma” which is an incredible song with the blasting of horns making it even better. For Emma, Forever Ago is an album i can listen to over and over, happy, or naaaat so happy, and every song is still infinite and amazing and incredible and every other good thing you can say about a song. Thank you, Justin!

Bon Iver -Skinny Love

Bon Iver- Creature Fear

Bon Iver- The Wolves (Act Iand II)



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