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With summer coming at us, its time to pop in David Vandervelde once more. This Chicago artist makes music that goes perfectly with a long, windows open, summers drive to the cabin. Especially “Nothin No”, which after the first two heavily distorted guitar strums brings me back to one specific amazing summers day with Julia. Since his debut album “The Moonstation House Band” in january 2007, not much else has come out of the artist, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed on another album. Strings can be heard on some songs such as “Wisdom From a Tree”, which are played by Beck’s father, David Campbell.

David Vandervelde- Nothin’ No

David Vandervelde- Jacket

buy it at insound!


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I always find myself making playlists at the most bizzare moments. Like sitting at a red light, trying to scroll through your ipod in 2 minutes to come up with a decent “on the go” before it turns green. Or spending hours making the perfect playlist to accompany something so insignificant like the cleaning of my room, or the baking of a cake. Well, it’s friday night and i didnt go to Kanye West, which does kind of suck, and not one person can say that going to Kanye wouldnt have been awesome. But I did watch an incredibly strange french movie with my mom. Now this particular friday was a strange one, filled with some ups and some downs. And, I guess, really, its Saturday morning so, half these songs can be placed into the typical “friday night” folder. The happy, dancing folder. And the other half can go in the “Saturday morning: 3 a.m” folder. The mellow, depressing folder. The “why dont i just go to bed” folder. Anyways. Enjoy:

The National- About Today

Swan Lake- All Fires

Joshua James- Dangerous

Coco Rosie- God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me

Bon Iver- Wisconsin


Taken By Trees- Julia

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I only recently discovered Adem because of the small hype around his new covers album “Take”. I went back and listened to his other albums and have fallen in love with his debut album, “Homesongs”, which was released in 2004. The music is quite unique, with an acoustic back bone, but topped off with autoharp, double bass and other instruments. He covers many artists on “Take” including Bjork, Pinback, PJ Harvey, Aphex Twin, Yo La Tengo and The Smashing Pumpkins, and in my opinion, does a damn good job of it. I’m going to have to throw in the “they sound like a chilled out Tunng” comparison, because they DO! One of my favourite songs on “Take” is the Aphex Twin cover of “To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song “, it starts off slow and over the course of the song, builds up to an epic ending repeating the only line in the song, “My Feet, my arms and my ears, and you feet”. Enjoy!

Adem- To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song (Aphex Twin Cover)

Adem- Loro (Pinback Cover)

buy the album here

also check out his video of the song “Ringing in my ear” off the album “Homesongs”

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Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust , is the name of Sigur Ros’ fifth LP which is going to be released on June 23rd. The first single off the record, “Gobbledigook”, was released over ‘Radio 1′ a few hours ago, and is quite different then previous Sigur Ros, and it’s almost impossible not to point out the Animal Collective similarities. There are two big things going on with the album, 1- it’s the first album made outside of Iceland and 2-the album is going to have an ENGLISH track! WOW! Sigur Ros’ world tour includes almost everywhere BUT Canada, soooooooooo does anyone wanna go to Bonnaroo? seriously?

Sigur Ros- Gobbledigook


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Sea Wolf is coming to Calgary! Sea Wolf is coming to Calgary! I hope no one has forgotten about how amazing Sea Wolf is and always will be. The bands name is from Jack London’s book written in 1904, called, (obviously), The Sea Wolf. The band is fronted by Alex Brown Church who writes songs about moving from place to place, among other things. “You’re A Wolf” and “The Garden You Planted” are both songs that bring you into this instant state of calm. I higly suggest you buy both albums, “Leaves in the River” and “Get to the River Before it Runs Too Low”. The quote Church thinks sums up everything is shown on his myspace, his website and his biography:

“But, – and there it is, – we want to live and move, though we have no reason to, because it happens that it is the nature of life to live and move, to want to live and move. If it were not for this, life would be dead. It is because of this life that is in you that you dream of your immortality.” – Wolf Larsen. From The Sea-Wolf, by Jack London.

Come see Sea Wolf play at Republik on June 9th!

Sea Wolf- You’re A Wolf

Sea Wolf- Garden You Planted


buy the albums here

and check out Hard To Find A Friends backstage session with Sea Wolf here

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Now this post is very cliche. Everyone knows Feist and everyone knows The Constantines. But no matter how much i try and hold back my love for these canadian bands, they always find a way through, this time, in the form of a collaboration. And, Plus, I don’t think anything bad could ever come out of Arts&Crafts. With an incredibly extensive list including Broken Social Scene, Stars, The Dears, etc. you can only expect incredible things. Whats more incredible than a collaboration between Feist and The Constantines? And even more incredible is the fact that they covered the classic Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton song “Islands in the Stream”. The answer is Nothing. Nothing is more incredible. If anyone living in Calgary hasnt seen Feist yet (which would just be plain wierd) she is coming to the Saddledome on October 18th, and the Constantines to The Virgin Festival on June 22nd.

The Constantines and Feist- Islands in the Stream

buy the single here

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How many artists have covered Modest Mouse? If copying is the most sincere form of flattery, Modest Mouse should be the cockiest band in the world (besides, maybe, Bob Dylan..and The Beatles). Some of the most famous Modest Mouse covers probably go out to Sun Kil Moon, with Ben Lee’s “Float On” close behind. My favourites have been (same names) Joshua James cover of “Custom Concern”, mostly because I love Joshua James more than words and I love “Custom Concern” more than i could ever explain. After that I would have to say Josh Ritters cover of “Blame it on the Tetons”, I mean…its JOSH RITTER! he can’t screw anything up! I have only spent a couple minutes going through my music library to collect some of the best, but this will be an on going blog post, more covers to come. enjoy!

Joshua James- Custom Concern

Josh Ritter- Blame it on the Tetons

Sun Kil moon- Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

Goldspot- Float On

Sun Kil Moon- Ocean Breathes Salty

Ben Lee- Float On

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