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Elliott Brood came to Calgary to play Sled Island at a perfect time, 4 days after their latest album release, Mountain Meadows, and on a perfect summer day to go with their perfect summer music. Its really too bad they didn’t have a longer set, because their music and their incredible energy was amazing to watch. Lead singer, Mark Sasso almost played a different instrument on every song, from guitar to banjo to ukele, while singer/guitarist Casey Laforet and drummer Stephen Pitkin kept up the incredible energy. Elliott Brood was definitely one of the best performances at Sled Island, their music fit perfectly with the HOT fricken sun beaming down on everyone, and was an absolutely perfect “start of the summer” band to see live.

Elliott Brood- Write It All Down For You

Elliott Brood- Without Again

Elliott Brood website

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I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. After getting home from Montreal, it seemed like everything started going warp speed, with work, copious amounts of live music (due to the incredible Sled Island music festival) and birthday parties, there created absolutely no time for blog updates…and sleep. Calgary’s, Chad VanGaalen played a couple nights ago in the science centers star dome, which is one of the most incredible venues, incredible visuals, incredible acoustics, incredible! The last time i saw Chad Van was exactly one year ago in a church, and his music has been the soundtrack to a lot of things in the past year. This time around, at the star dome, he brought a long a LOT of new content, his awesome home made instrument and his own animations, which played on the roof of the stardome during his set. The new content seemed to be a bit more like the softer songs on Infiniheart, but still bursting with the visual, story telling, lyrics of his past work. His multi-tasking abilities still amaze me, and just seeing all the instruments and wires surrounding him is absurd. Overall the concert was incredible, and it was nice to hear some new content, which makes me hope for a new album release soon!!!

Chad VanGaalen- After the Afterlife

Chad Vangaalen- Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing

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sorry for the inactivity lately, I’ve been in Montreal, which was incredible (we saw lazy legs breakdancing down Sherbrooke!). There will be lots of new album reviews/concert reviews to come so DON’T GIVE UP ON ME! I will find time soon! I promise!


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Polaroid outside of Le National after Animal Collective – Photo by me!

Montreal is the most amazing place in the whole world! Not only because I’m going to be living there for the next 4 years, and not only because my grandparents and my cousins are out there, and not only because the music is amazing, and the food is amazing, and everything is open all the time… but because SIGUR ROS WILL BE THERE ON SEPTEMBER 20TH!!!!!! YES THEY WILL BE!!!!! And this excitement (and also because I go out there tomorrow to find an apartment!!!!!) is what sparked my “Montreal inspired playlist”. And, realistically, this playlist is endless, I mean, look at the majority of Arts & Crafts. So the five songs here either have something to do with montreal, or…just have the city in the name! enjoy!

Jaymay- Sea Green, See Blue

Of Montreal- Requiem for O.M.M.2

Leonard Cohen- Suzanne

Matt Pond P.A- This is Montreal

Stars- Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Wolf Parade- Language City

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Photo by Boris Karn!!

Okay, So, I didn’t think I would be looking forward to summer at all since I haven’t experienced winter in over a year and a half, but spring here is fricken cold enough! And now that summer is approaching it is time for a summer playlist. Now, most of these songs are songs I have listened to (on repeat) in past summers, the kind of songs where the second you hear the first note, or the first strum of the guitar, you can LITERALLY feel the heat…orrrr, if you listen to these particular songs in the middle of winter, its just damn depressing. Some of the songs are recently released, put out a month before summer for the sole purpose of being on my summer playlist! enjoy!

Stars- What The Snowman Learned About Love

Although the name does not sound the least bit summer-ish, I think it’s written to summer, itself. This is the kind of summer song you listen to at 5a.m, when you’ve been up all night, only because its summer, and you can do that, and at 5 a.m it’s still warm, and everything is silent, and everything is perfect. It was also one summer month a long, long time ago when I first heard the amazing album “Nightsongs”, and it was then that I fell in love with everything Stars had to offer, and then that they slowly became my most played artist.

Sterephonics- Don’t Let Me Down (cover)

Driving to my cabin on my own, this song goes on the second I hit highway 3, with the winding roads, the cows, the windmills, it fits better than anything. I almost feel like this song was written driving down a winding road, with the sun beating through the roof of an old volkswagen jetta.

The Constantines- Soon Enough

This is another sort of winding road, driving song (maybe it’s just the very similar voice between the two vocalists Bry Webb and Kelly Jones). But it’s also a walking down to kensington, or having a beer with your dad kind of song.

Portastatic- I Wanna Know Girls

Thom Stone- She Knows

Peter Bjorn & John- Teen Love

The French Kicks- Wrong Side

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson- Buriedfed

All of these are just, driving fast songs. Or songs for my favourite summer days spent with my favourite people.

Woodpigeon- Home As A Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always & Forever

With summer, comes Sled Island

Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

Happy, happy, happy, green grass, blue skies, white clouds, happy, happy, happy. After a lot of listens to Viva La Vida, this is my favourite, 100%.

Peter And The Wolf- The Fall

All of Peter and the Wolf in incredible summer music. This song is another perfect 5 a.m song. I spent a lot of last summer climbing out my bedroom window and sitting on my roof, listening to this. The harmony of the voices is so incredibly serene.

My Morning Jacket- Golden

Another wining road song. This seems to be perfect for Alberta. It reminds me of wheat and horses and cowboys.

My Morning Jacket- Wordless Chorus

Late Night. It also holds one of my all time favourite lyrics, “Tell me spirit, what has not been done? I’ll rush out and do it, or are we doing it now?”. It’s actually quite a thought provoking song, which, I guess, is why I end up playing it all the time when I decide sleeping isn’t a very good idea.

Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine

I guess this could be put under ‘winding road’ music, but Bob Dylan is the ultimate summer music. Well, really, he’s just the ultimate music. But I’ve never made a summer playlist that didn’t consist of any Bob D.

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Every few months I fall into this obsession with Elliott Smith, it lasts for about two weeks, and ends when it all just makes me too sad. I play him constantly, all the time, repeated for two weeks. It ends, and then starts up again when I least expect it. To honour my obsession with him at the moment, here is an ode to “Between the Bars”. My two favourite covers are the live cover Holly Miranda (from The Jealous Girlfriends) and Scott Matthew perform, mostly because Holly Miranda’s voice fits the song perfectly, and the emotion she put into it is absolutely incredible. Chris Garneau does an incredible cover of the song and La Blogotheque does an incredible video (shown in one of my below posts)

Elliott Smith – Between the Bars

Chris Garneau- Between the Bars

Madeline Peyroux- Between the Bars

Patrick Watson- Between the Bars (live)

Emily Haines (Metric) acoustic cover:

Holly Miranda (The Jealous Girlfriends) and Scott Matthew Live Cover:

Holly Miranda (The Jealous Girlfriends) and Kevin Devine Live Cover:

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Holly Miranda

Photo by Julia Poole!!


Now I know this review is a little late but It’s still here, none the less. A few nights ago Sea Wolf played at The Marquee room with The Jealous Girlfriends. And, I wont lie, I went to see Sea Wolf, but came out a little more impressed with The Jealous Girlfriends. Not that Sea Wolf was bad, he wasn’t at all, the energy on his set was incredible. I was really impressed with the wide range of instrumental talent including an incredible cellist. So it’s not that Sea Wolf was bad in the slightest, The Jealous Girlfriends were just really damn good! I had listened to quite a lot of their music before seeing them in concert, and none of it ever really stuck with me. But the young band had an incredible presence and an incredible energy, which was awesomeeeee. The guy/girl (Josh Abbott and Holly Miranda) singing duo was really awesome as well and their voices went perfect together. (I could write a lot more about this concert but my eyes are slowly closing), so I will leave with serious props to both the bands! and go see them on tour!

Sea Wolf- You’re A Wolf

The Jealous Girlfriends- Robuxulla 

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The Jealous Girlfriends Myspace


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