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There’s something about Jenny Lewis that I just go absolutely nuts for. I think it might be the similarity between Jenny’s folk-y country roots and the music my parents listen to driving to the cabin. Its just that Jenny Lewis sings about acid, and in my parents music, there’s not a lot of acid going around the lyrics, its more about whiskey and bourbon. Anyways, the new LP Acid Tongue, the follow up to 2006’s Rabbit Fur Coat, which is due to be out on September 23rd has definitely satisfied my musical starvation. Especially the album title track, which is just bursting with attitude and 70’s harmonics that makes me think for the one millionth time “Solo Jenny Lewis is better and 100 times more compelling than anything she has ever done with Rilo Kiley”. Anyways, this has been played repeatedly for the last few days, listen:

Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue



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It’s 4 a.m. My vanilla scented candle has burned to a close. So has my energy. My mind is swarmed with the Vedic texts and Sutras from my Hinduism readings. It still seems light outside? Nightime here really isn’t very dark. I say that, but over these 3 weeks in Montreal I have heard the phrase “just wait until winter” a countless amount. So, I guess, I’ll wait until winter, maybe the sky will darken, maybe I will learn the concept of sleep, maybe I’ll stop drinking so much coffee……

The National – About Today (Live)

Great Lake Swimmers- There Is A Light

Horse Feathers – Curs of Weeds

Chad VanGaalen- Rabid Bits Of Time

Bebe- Siempre Me Quedara

The Smiths- Asleep

Sara Quin & Kaki King – Sweetness Follows (R.E.M cover)

The National – Slow Show

Stars- Going, Going, Gone (Live)

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I’ve only recently come to the realization that Stars are really not all that great. Set Yourself On Fire and all previous albums are absolutely incredible, musically and lyrically. But can we all be a little bit honest and say that since then its all gone slightly down hill? And I say this only because, even if they screw up completely, I will only ever think that they are, and always will be, one of the greatest bands ever to exist. I say it because it just prooves the power of Stars, they can’t make bad music!

Anyways, I’ve been super excited about the release of Sad Robots Ep, and here it is! And, yes its still nothing like SYOF, but, yes, it is still amazing. Filled with beautiful melodies and the beautiful harmonies between the voices and everything else that makes Stars so shockingly amazing. “Undertow” and “14 Forever” are definitely the two strong points of the album, the others…are…a little bit boring. “Undertow” starts off with a thumping, pumping, beating heart of a bass beat, and molds into a strange trance-like melody near the end, which, with help from Amy Millans voice, can be pulled off as completely blissful. Another really awesome part of the album is the INCREDIBLE live recorded version of “Going, Going, Gone”, which has always been a favorite song, but has been completely and totally instrumentally re-done. enjoy!

Stars- Going, Going, Gone (live)

Stars- Undertow

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