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Teitur – Catherine The Waitress

Jeremy Messersmith – Skyway

Telepathe – I Cant Stand It

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My reason to get down to New York has finally come in the form of a Kaki King & Mountain Goats tour getting there around the 8th of November. Good god, anything anyone can say about Kaki King is just completely insufficient to how incredible she really is, and I have to say that The Mountain Goats are also pretty far up there as well. This collaboration is extraordinary, really. It took me a few listens of the six song Black Pear Tree Ep, to finally get it, and then, “this is amazing” hit me hard. “Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle”, is sung from the perspective of a toad and features a beautiful harmony between Kaki and John near the end of the song. My next favourite is the album starter, “Black Pear Tree” which is just Kaki Kings amazing voice, and everyone else being incredibly incredible and so on. Listen!

The Mountain Goats & Kaki King – Black Pear Tree

The Mountain Goats & Kaki King – Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

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Why aren’t more people talking about Jotto? The Phildelphia/Brooklyn based band who just released their second EP on October 28th. There are only a handful of posts out there talking about them, but they all post about the song “Backyard Circus”, which, is just, not so great. Anyways there’s a few things to talk about here, firstly, in true Radiohead style, their entire album Good Friend Electric is available for free on their website, that’s exciting!! also, the album was completely mixed and produced by the band. The music jumps around quite a lot, for a six track EP, it goes from pure electro to cute acoustic to a modest mouse-electronic-feel (“Gail’s Electric Dreams”). Well, I’m being lazy, just take a listen!

Jotto – Ugly

Jotto – Gail’s Electric Dreams


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