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This is only part 1 of a two part winter playlist. As you would expect from the cliche title, this is purely ‘Christmas’ related music. Although, it’s Christmas related music that has been majorly filtered from my mass amounts of Christmas music I’m sure everyone has either heard, (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bing Crosby, Frank, Charlie Brown), or are completely and thoroughly sick of. There is still a ‘Winter Playlist’ coming in the future, which will be filled with music that keeps you warm. For now, though, enjoy!

Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop

Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter

The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song

The Long Winters – Christmas With You Is The Best

Sufjan Stevens – Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!

Catherine Feeny – Christmas Song

The Honorary Title – The City On Christmas

Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!

Pedro The Lion – The First Noel

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – All I Want For Christmas

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photo kimicon

I have so much music I need to talk about and no time to sit down and do it. BUT, come the 19th of December, i promise I’ll make up for it! Don’t lose faith! I’m still here!

For now, if you haven’t noticed my recent stunt of living vicariously through ‘Kimicon’, then please click the photo link and live in her world with me.


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“As much as “For Emma, Forever Ago” is about the cold, the Blood Bank collection is about the warmth that gets you through it.”

You know, i do feel pretty bad for having already listened to Bon Iver’s (yet to be released: January 29th) EP “Blood Bank”, countless times. I mean, I’m still going to buy it in hard copy once it comes out, but I just can’t wait when it comes to someone like Bon Iver. Anyways, How i achieved this magical ability to receive albums two months in advance, i will not say (**WHAT.CD), but I would like to say the 4 track EP is…incredible, of course, we can all assume that. But, more importantly, i would like to say just thing about it, that is; if there is anyone out there who DOESN’T think its almost humorous how much “Woods” (the closing track), brings them back to…hmmm, the finale of THE OC…with IMOGEN HEAP playing while our beloved Marissa Cooper died her (horribly acted death) in Ryan’s arms, I would be shocked. SHOCKED. BEWILDERED. Its incredible, I mean the synth’d voices are just screaming Imogen. ‘HEY! IMOGEN!’. And that is all I will say for now. One of my favourites on the EP, “Blood Bank” is available to stream, Enjoy!

Bon Iver – Blood Bank: Listen Here: http://www.imeem.com/people/ijmhNJG/music/wvk3at5A/bon_iver_blood_bank/

go hereee

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Grow old


If only If only If only I could put you all into my window of vision right now:

– christmas shopping in the underground city, person per second flow rate: 12.5. moving moving moving, blur blur blur, colour colour colour, collision, dang, bound to happen. “pardon! pardon! désolé! pardon”. My eyes hurt. So many people. So much to look at. Hours, hours, hours.

Broken Social Scene (Bee Hives Feist Version) – Lover’s Spit

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