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Dark Was The Night

Hello everyone! A lack of inspiration has been the direct cause of the lack of recent updates again, I’m sorry.

I am getting verrrry verrrrry anxious for the February 16th release of Dark Was The Night, the Red Hot Charity album produced by The Nationals Aaron and Bryce Dessner. I know most of you have heard probably bits and pieces of conversation floating around about the album and the surrounding anticipation, BUT, none the less, if you haven’t: I’ve gotten a sneak peak of the songs, and LET ME TELL YOU, you should be excited as well! This is a charity album unlike any other, it’s not just a few name drops here and there, but the entire album is a mix of incredible artists releasing songs for the cause, and not only that, but we have quite a few (unexpected and undoubtly amazing) compilations between artists including Sufjan & Buck 65, Justing Vernon (Bon Iver) & Aaron Dessner (The National), Conor Oberst & Gillan Welch, Grizzly Bear & Feist, Ben Gibbard & Feist, and MORE. Please, Please promote the cause, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS, pre-order the record online here. Or wait until the 17th (official North American release date) to purchase, WELL WORTH IT, on SO many levels. Red Hot was nice enough to supply music bloggers with a widget creation, SO you guys can hear three of the songs below (edit: I am not computer smart enough to figure out how to make my ‘widget’ appear and have also had the same problem with my last.fm widget so if ANYONE knows how, let me know!), i will redirect all of you to the myspace page where you can listen to a few of the songs! enjoy!

track listing:

Disc One

  1. “Knotty Pine” – Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
  2. “Cello Song” – The Books featuring Joses Gonzalez
  3. “Train Song” – Feist and Ben Gibbard
  4. “Brackett, WI” – Bon Iver
  5. “Deep Blue Sea” – Grizzly Bear
  6. “So Far Around The Bend” – The National
  7. “Tightrope” – Yeasayer
  8. “Feeling Good” – My Brightest Diamond
  9. “Dark Was The Night” – Kronos Quartet
  10. “I Was Young When I Left Home” – Antony with Bryce Dessner
  11. “Big Red Machine” – Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner
  12. “Sleepless” – The Decemberists
  13. “Die” – Iron & Wine
  14. “Service Bell” – Grizzly Bear + Feist
  15. “You Are The Blood” – Sufjan Stevens

Disc Two

  1. “Well-Alright” – Spoon
  2. “Lenin” – Arcade Fire
  3. “Mimizan” – Beirut
  4. “El Caporal” – My Morning Jacket
  5. “Inspiration Information” – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  6. “With A Girl Like You” – Dave Sitek
  7. “Blood Pt. 2″ – Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti)
  8. “Hey, Snow White” – The New Pornographers
  9. “Gentle Hour” – Yo La Tengo
  10. “Amazing Grace” – Cat Power
  11. “Happiness” – Riceboy Sleeps
  12. “Another Saturday” – Stuart Murdoch
  13. “The Giant Of Illinois” – Andrew Bird
  14. “Lua” – Conor Oberst with Gillian Welch
  15. “When The Road Runs Out” – Blonde Redhead & Devastations
  16. “Love Vs. Porn” – Kevin Drew

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hmmmm, covering the most blogged songs, sure will get some attention:

Ruby Isle – Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)

Ruby Isle – White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover)

What does everyone think?

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Lisandro Aristimuño

I’ve never really had any sort of desire to see Argentina, or really any part of South America for that matter. South East Asia has sort of destroyed any other travel-desire I could have, tunnel vision, you know? Also, not to mention, I met an… interesting (and after a few days), incredibly…irritating… Argentinian man while I was in Australia, which didn’t help much with pushing me in any sort of Argentina-oriented direction. ANYWAYS, what I’m trying to say, is that has ALL CHANGED since my ears have been exposed to Lisandro Aristimuño, a 29 year old folk-electro-fusion artist based in Argentina. It completely bewilders me that absolutely NO ONE has talked about this guy! He is incredible! Come On! I cooked an incredible meal tonight with his album Ese Asunto de la Ventana in the background, its THAT kind of music…, the kind of music that cooks an incredible meal! Please listen to him, please please, it’s taking everything in me not to fly down there and start up a Lisandro Aristimuño-promotion in North America-Campaign. Also, you can get a bunch of songs free on last.fm!

Lisandro Aristimuño – Algún Lado

Lisandro Aristimuño – Demasiado

Lisandro Aristimuño – El Plástico De Tu Perfume


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For ‘the drive down to the mountains’:

Graham Wright – Canmore Hotel

Fionn Regan – Snowy Atlas Mountains

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

Iron & Wine – Upward Over The Mountain

My Morning Jacket – Where To Begin

Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

Buy it at Insound!

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I wanted to kiss you at Lake Louise, it was calm, it was cool, it was still in the breeze.

This is a quick intermission before the Rocky Mountain Playlist.

To be completely honest, I have never been able to get into Tokyo Police Club, as hard as I’ve tried and as hard as other people have tried to get me to appreciate them, it just hasn’t happened. BUT I am COMPLETELY into Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club Pianist’s) solo project, and the (available for free) EP “The Lakes Of Alberta”. The 5 song EP is somewhat of a concept album, with the reoccurring theme of his love for a married women, and their story told behind a familiar Albertan backdrop. Its funny that the discovery of this incredible EP came during my Rocky Mountain Playlist brainstorm, for “The Lakes Of Alberta” couldn’t be a better piece of Canadian acoustic for the drive to the mountains. Graham Wright has written the best ode to Alberta I have yet to hear.

Graham Wright – Lakes Of Alberta, Pt. 1

Graham Wright – Lakes Of Alberta, Pt. 2

Graham Wright – Medicine Hat

Download the rest of the EP here

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For me, winter music was always defined by the music being played through my (horribly blown) 1984 Volkswagen Jetta speakers on the annual drive down to the cabin for New Years. I usually ended up doing the drive on my own, due to the overwhelming amount of hockey practices that would take place at this time of the year, but I wouldn’t mind. It seems, though, that every New Years, Southern Alberta gets the most brilliant snow falls, and the music being played on this car ride would instantly transform into permanent ‘Winter Music’ for years after. Anyways, the first 4 songs of this playlist are of the ‘driving to the cabin’ genre, the rest just fit. ALSO, looking through my music collection, the amount of obvious ‘winter related’ music is absolutely insane, so, really, this playlist should contain over 300 songs. AND, as well, ONE LAST THING, the creation of this playlist has inspired me to create a hand-in-hand rocky mountain playlist, which I will mentally build by tomorrow, in hope that these will make up for my absolutely incredible lack of updates!

The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3

Micah P. Hinson – Don’t You Forget (Parts One and Two)

The Long Winters – Cinnamon

Jason Anderson – O, Jac!

Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Sara Barielles & Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

Jon Forman – White As Snow

Buy it at Insound!

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