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Metric, Eat Me Alive

Dearest Emily,

I can’t take this any longer.

It’s been years since our last encounter.

Was it with Death From Above? Was that the last time? Or was it the time you kicked over the keyboard? Or the time your energy short circuited the power output?

Please hurry, I need this album and another performance to quench my incredible thirst.


Metric – Help I’m Alive

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Crowd Surf Off A Cliff


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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero


I’m sure we have all been incredibly anxious to hear the musical creations coming out of the house in rural texas where the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been cooped up in for the past while, mixing together their upcoming album which is due to be released on April 14th. There hadn’t been much talk going on about the album until the LP title “It’s Blitz” got announced on stereogum a few weeks ago. Hype is coming full stream now that the first single “Zero” has been released early this morning. Synthesizers have replaced the classic distorted guitar riffs that they usually do so well in this song, but I love it! I can already sense the repeat plays at bars/clubs over the summer months.  “Dance worthy”?

i HIGHLY recommend just streaming the song from their myspace for much better quality than the link I will post

BUT, if you insist on having a bad quality mp3. here you go:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

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Eef Barzelay

Man, its such a nice feeling when I only JUST discover music that has been around for a long time, it gives me this surge of realization that there is still a ton of incredible music out there waiting for me to discover. Anyway, many of you may already know of Eef Barzelay, and if so, it would of been AWESOME if you had told me about him a few YEARS ago, but, you know what, its okay. Anyway, I do know Clem Snide, and Eef Barzelay is in fact the lead singer and main creative drive of the band Clem Snide. WHO KNEW! I listened to the 2006 LP release of Bitter Honey before his recently released Lose Big, and instantly fell in love with Barzelay immediately after his classic-whiny-in-a-good-way-indie-folk-voice sang the very first verse of the very first song, “Ballad of Bitter Honey”, which goes: “That was my ass you saw bouncing, next to Ludacris. It was only on screen for a second, but it was kinda hard to miss. And all those other hoochie skanks, they ain’t got shit on me. And one of Nelly’s bodyguards, he totally agreed.”. Anyways, I’m really happy about finding this stuff, its good music to help you get through the last little stretch of this cold/grey/gloomy winter.

I feel like a lot of the people I’m speaking through in these songs are yearning for some sort of liberation,” he continues. “Each song is like its own character that’s a part of me as well. Like a lot of my Clem Snide material, Lose Big gravitates towards older, simpler music because I’m a traditionalist in the spirit of Hank Williams, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. The difference is that lyrically, it’s more ‘grown up’ and has intimate songs that I wrote between the living room and the bedroom.” – website

enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!!!!

Eef Barzelay – Well

Eef Barzelay – Ballad of Bitter Honey

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Bat for Lashes–Two Suns

I woke up this morning to one of the most exciting, unexpected surprises: a TWO SUNS preview! I could not sit STILL in my 8 a.m class this morning just thinking about the intrigue and inspiration which was sitting in the form of 104 yet listened to mega bites of the second Bat for Lashes LP Two Suns.

Natasha Khan left absolutely everyone dying for more of her haunting vocals and interesting instrument choices after her first LP release of Fur and Gold. Thanks to Benny, who was lucky enough to be living in Montreal over a year ago when she stopped by here, I was able to stumble through a short, awkward, and studdery conversation for long enough to blurt out my intense admiration of her on the phone! After that she went on to tour with Radiohead, after Thom Yorke dropped her name on a celebrity playlist he created for iTunes a while back.

The official release of Two Suns is set for April 6th, and after my first two listens, I already highly recommend purchasing it when it finally drops. The music has a definite maturity and growth present since Fur and Gold, but the staple soft/dark/eeriness is obviously still there throughout the album. Though there is a much larger electronic presence which gives everything a little more of a Kate Bush tinge, which is not even remotely close to being a bad thing. 


Bat For Lashes – Two Planets

Bat For Lashes – Glass



also, check out the newly rejuvenated website filled with artwork and all: here

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“It’s like when you put instant rice pudding mix in a bowl in the microwave and push the button, and you take the cover off when it rings, and there you’ve got rice pudding. I mean, what happens in between the time when you push the switch and when the microwave rings? You can’t tell what’s going on under the cover. Maybe the instant rice pudding first turns into macaroni gratin in the darkness when nobody’s looking and only then turns back into rice pudding. We think it’s only natural to get rice pudding after we put rice pudding mix in the microwave and the bell rings, but to me, that is just a presumption. I would be kind of relieved if, every once in a while, after you put rice pudding mix in the microwave and it rang and you opened the top, you got macaroni gratin. I suppose I’d be shocked, of course, but I don’t know, I think I’d be kind of relieved too. Or at least I think I wouldn’t be too upset, because that would feel, in some ways, a whole lot more real.”
– Haruki Murakami

Bon Iver – The Park (Feist Cover)

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Florence and the Machine

I cannot get ENOUGH of Florence and the Machine, everything they do is just completely awesome and completely refreshing. Although the wait and anticipation for an LP is almost deadly, they’ve kept me quite intrigued with the numerous (and sometimes slightly humorous) covers being put out (including Mystery Jets, Kelly Clarkson and even Beirut), and the minuscule amount of songs put out on the Kiss With A Fist and Dog Days Are Over. Its artists like this that would be the one and only source of motivation for a venture down to the UK. I’m super anxious for more, and you should be too, listen!

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over

Florence and the Machine – Postcards From Italy (Beirut Cover)


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