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Uninspired. Music, lately, has been completely uninspiring for me. Something I never thought would ever, ever, occur for such an extended period of time as this one. Thus, resulting in my inadequate posting as of late. That and the fact that perhaps my inspiration has greatly shifted from music to literature? I have been devouring countless books in the past 3 months. On average, about 3 or 4 per week. Thank the lord for cheap Montreal used book stores. Thank the lord for the man who works at The Word and finds the numerous books being added to my ‘must read’ list in his stock full attic. I’ve been considering transforming Withindianlove from music to book blog. Hmm. Perhaps in time, or perhaps…BOTH!

BUT, tonight, ONE SONG HAS INSPIRED ME. One song has stalled my devoted night reading time —–> ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence and the Machine. I wrote about them a while ago here, and since then have been waiting PATIENTLY for the ever anticipated release of their LP. ‘Cosmic Love’ is our first little sneak peak off of Lungs which is to be released on July 6th. The tribal-esque instumentation is a perfect quirk to set Florence Welch’s vocals apart from other powerful female voices radiating our sound waves. I will leave you with a quote from her bio and the song itself:

Her debut album ‘Lungs’ is made of harps, choirs, drums, elevator shafts, bits of metal, love, death, fireworks, string quartets, stamping, sighing, strange electronic wailing, lambs, lions, sick, broken glass, blood, moon, stars, drink, coffins, teeth, water, wedding dresses.. and the silences in between. The songs are full of Gothic imagery, of fairytale flights of fantasy….

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love



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