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For ‘the drive down to the mountains’:

Graham Wright – Canmore Hotel

Fionn Regan – Snowy Atlas Mountains

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

Iron & Wine – Upward Over The Mountain

My Morning Jacket – Where To Begin

Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

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For me, winter music was always defined by the music being played through my (horribly blown) 1984 Volkswagen Jetta speakers on the annual drive down to the cabin for New Years. I usually ended up doing the drive on my own, due to the overwhelming amount of hockey practices that would take place at this time of the year, but I wouldn’t mind. It seems, though, that every New Years, Southern Alberta gets the most brilliant snow falls, and the music being played on this car ride would instantly transform into permanent ‘Winter Music’ for years after. Anyways, the first 4 songs of this playlist are of the ‘driving to the cabin’ genre, the rest just fit. ALSO, looking through my music collection, the amount of obvious ‘winter related’ music is absolutely insane, so, really, this playlist should contain over 300 songs. AND, as well, ONE LAST THING, the creation of this playlist has inspired me to create a hand-in-hand rocky mountain playlist, which I will mentally build by tomorrow, in hope that these will make up for my absolutely incredible lack of updates!

The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3

Micah P. Hinson – Don’t You Forget (Parts One and Two)

The Long Winters – Cinnamon

Jason Anderson – O, Jac!

Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

Sara Barielles & Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

Jon Forman – White As Snow

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This is only part 1 of a two part winter playlist. As you would expect from the cliche title, this is purely ‘Christmas’ related music. Although, it’s Christmas related music that has been majorly filtered from my mass amounts of Christmas music I’m sure everyone has either heard, (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bing Crosby, Frank, Charlie Brown), or are completely and thoroughly sick of. There is still a ‘Winter Playlist’ coming in the future, which will be filled with music that keeps you warm. For now, though, enjoy!

Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop

Sufjan Stevens – Sister Winter

The Raveonettes – The Christmas Song

The Long Winters – Christmas With You Is The Best

Sufjan Stevens – Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!

Catherine Feeny – Christmas Song

The Honorary Title – The City On Christmas

Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!

Pedro The Lion – The First Noel

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – All I Want For Christmas

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Photo: kimicon

Teitur – Catherine The Waitress

Jeremy Messersmith – Skyway

Telepathe – I Cant Stand It

with love,


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An Autumn Mixtape


Tomorrow’s Halloween, anddd my Physics midterm, SO I figured there was no better time to make an autumn mixtape. As I said in my last post, I believe Autumn is the most perfect time for singer-songwriters, and lonesome music. Everything is in slow motion, the leaves fall like their falling through mollasses, and black coffee is the most comforting liquid ever created. There’s actually a surprising amount of autumn song titles (“Autumns Here” by Hawksley Workman, “Autumn In New York” Frank, “Autumn” Paolo Nutini, etc. etc. etc) but this playlist is mostly just songs that feeeeeel like autumn (Ray Lamontagne, who, by the way, i am really not the biggest fan of, but when autumn hits he achieves repeat status on my itunes). Anyways I should really be studying, so, that is all i will say, ENJOY! (I also have to note that I have fallen in love with “hazelton” by Justin Vernon (a.k.a Bon Iver), so listen to that one first!)

Justin Vernon – Hazelton

Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me

Attack In Black – The Curve Of The Earth

Norah Jones – Ocean Of Noise (Live Arcade Fire Cover)

Melpo Mene – Don’t Save Me

Moby – The Great Escape (featuring Azure Ray)

Jaymay – Autumn Falling

Sea Wolf – Leaves In The River

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I get these incredible cases of music nostalgia, if it could be called that. I get this incredible longing to go back to certain points in my life where I was introduced to a certain band or a certain genre of music, and I had to discover the ins and outs of that. I constantly think about that point between listening to music…occasionally…?…and listening to it obsessively and analytically. When was that? What started that?

Lately I’ve been super nostalgic about that exact point in my life when i realized there was this entire world based around…Indie Rock…you know? There was more than just Power 107, much music, and the records/cds my parent owned. There was this endless mass of lo-fi, slowcore, folk and experimental I had to find. A mission. A point of no return. I know this point happened after phases of Punk Rock, Riot Girrrl, and then the acoustic surfer music of Ben Harper and Donovan Frankenreiter, it was right after all that, and right before Garden State came out. It was when I first heard Elliott Smith sing the very first line of ‘Say Yes’, that was the very beginning, Elliott Smith was it, he was IT, you know? Say Yes was IT!! From there it went to the scratchy folk-y guitar riff in ‘Pink Bullets’ by The Shins and then..and THEN…Neutral Milk Hotel “King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1″…that one was almost laughable at first, “this guy has a hurrendous voice! and i LOVE it!”, anyways, the list keeps going, the electronic beats of The Postal Service, Kate Bush, Joseph Arthur, Modest Mouse, The Pixies. They were portals to the endless world of undiscovered myspace bands and self released albums. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back to that exact time and rediscover it all over again? Nostalgic nostalgic nostalgic.

I’d have to say this point came right in the middle of the transition from Junior High to High School. Perfect timing. Actually it’s super hard to pin point when this point occurred exactly, because, i mean, Metric was a big part of my grade 8/9 life, and also one of the first concerts I had ever truly been to. But I’m pretty positive that THE point, !THE POINT! came hand in hand with “say yes”.

Anyways, here it is, and I know everyones is different, i mean, just think about age difference! I’m 19 (ALMOST 20), maybe your 30? You got into Indie Rock in the 90’s? Well, then it was probably Pavement or Low or Ween or something? Whatever, whatever, whatever, but, for me, here is the discovery of Indie Rock: Circa 2002/2003:

Elliott Smith – Say Yes

The Shins – Pink Bullets

Neutral Milk Hotel – The King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1

Kings Of Leon – Talihina Sky (Alternate Version)

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

Modest Mouse – Gravity Rides Everything

The Pixies – Where Is My Mind

Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl

The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone

Joseph Arthur – In The Sun

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It’s 4 a.m. My vanilla scented candle has burned to a close. So has my energy. My mind is swarmed with the Vedic texts and Sutras from my Hinduism readings. It still seems light outside? Nightime here really isn’t very dark. I say that, but over these 3 weeks in Montreal I have heard the phrase “just wait until winter” a countless amount. So, I guess, I’ll wait until winter, maybe the sky will darken, maybe I will learn the concept of sleep, maybe I’ll stop drinking so much coffee……

The National – About Today (Live)

Great Lake Swimmers- There Is A Light

Horse Feathers – Curs of Weeds

Chad VanGaalen- Rabid Bits Of Time

Bebe- Siempre Me Quedara

The Smiths- Asleep

Sara Quin & Kaki King – Sweetness Follows (R.E.M cover)

The National – Slow Show

Stars- Going, Going, Gone (Live)

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