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Monday Music Project


Thank you to everyone who put their name down! I know there were tons of you who decided against it, because I have access to my page view count..hehehe. But to the ones that did: thanks! Anyways, a lot of you I know, a lot of you I don’t, but none of the songs were just chosen out of a hat. Feel free to ask why I chose the song I did. Anyways, enjoy!

Kirsten Strong

The Great Lake Swimmers- I Became Awake


Tegan & Sara- I Just Want Back In Your Head (Tiesto Remix)

Timothy Douglas

Fionn Regan- Be Good Or Be Gone

Sarah Drake

Let’s Go Sailing- Sideways

Dorian James Scheidt

Pavement- Shady Lane

Matthew Kingsley Jacobeam Brummitt

Animal Collective- Did You See The Words

Dana Droppo

Elliott Brood- Write It All Down For You

Daniel Tham

Menomena- Ghostship

Erin Lally

Avril Lavigne- Keep Holding On

Katie Stewart

The Kooks- Violet Hill (Coldplay Cover)

Charging Bison Sly Fox (a.k.a Pozzi)

Devendra Banhart- Onward The Indian

Royce Jackson Wagner

Jason Anderson- O, Jac

Daniel James

Belle & Sebastian- The Boy With The Arab Strap


Constantines & Feist- Islands In The Stream

Ynek-Dinl Esor Ydeh Ardanassela (a.k.a Alley Lind-Kenny)

Against Me!- Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious


The Hush Sound- The Artist

Paul Bertin

M. Ward- Pauls Song

Sarah Elizabeth Marshall

Aqua- My Oh MY

Julia Poole

Architecture In Helsinki- Heart It Races


Jeremy Fisher- Lemon Meringue Pie

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The Calgary Folk Fest starts tomorrow, my favourite time of year, spent sleeping over in line to get your tarp right at the front, and dancing and eating and drinking in the sun. Many years ago I discovered the incredible music and lyrics of The Great Lake Swimmers, and was also able to see their mind blowing live performance a few months later. Since then, I’ve seen them countless times, at folk festivals, grungy bars etc. So instead of talking about the countless artists performing in these next four days I will only talk about The Great Lake Swimmers, who still (for some unknown reason), have not made it onto a main stage, after all these years.

The haunting voice of lead singer and guitarist, Tony Dekker, is the driving force behind the band. His dark, romantic lyrics fill most of the songs with an eerie, but incredibly beautiful feeling. The second Dekker opens his mouth, you can feel the audience becoming completely captivated by the stories of the music and the memories it brings. Live, his voice echoes out of the little corner of his mouth, which blows my mind! a voice like that coming from the corner of his mouth!? But it does. Anyways, The Great Lake Swimmers are absolutely amazing and I highly recommend making your way down to Folk Fest to see them Friday night!

Great Lake Swimmers- Let’s Trade Skins

Great Lake Swimmers- Changing Colours

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Hello! I decided to do a little project. Leave your full name in a comment for this post, whether I know you or not, and one week from now I will post a song for each of you! The song will be chosen carefully, even if the only thing I know about you is your name! SO! Leave your name! Please!

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There are quite a few new albums coming out in the next few months that I am beyond excited for. Near the top of the list is Lost In The Trees new LP All Alone In An Empty House due to come out September 9th. Their last release was such a tease, only seven brillant songs, with a running time of 26 minutes, such an engaging album which just left me wanting wayyyyy more. One track from All Alone In An Empty House has been released, “Fireplace”, and it shows a lot of potential for the album. The song starts off a little different then the music on Time Taunts Me but near the end the orchestral influence comes flying back in, a little bit like “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” on their last album. Anyways its all awesome, and I will be looking forward to the release! Also, this is how Entertainment Weekly described the sound of Lost In The Trees, “A sublime blending of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” with a dash of Vivaldi and the vocal stylings of a suaver Ben Gibbard from Death Cab”.

Lost In The Trees- If You’re Afraid Of The Dark

Lost In The Trees- Fireplace

Lost In The Trees- Walk Around The Lake

buy their music here!!

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I just absolutely suck at liking the new music releases. I love new artists. But when old artists release new cd’s it usually takes me months after the hype to appreciate the music. To me, everything is sounding the same, Beck’s Modern Guilt, Bloc Party’s new single “Mercury”, the new albums from Ratatat, Fleet Foxes, Albert Hammond, Jr., even  Architecture in Helsinki’s new EP. Anyways, the only thing somewhat catching my attention, is Lackthereof, mostly because I highly appreciate Menomena, and, Lackthereof is the work of Danny Seim, the mastermind behind Menomena. I can hear some serious potential, especially in a song shown on his myspace “Every Kind Word”, I’ll have to wait for the release of the album, I can see myself really liking this.


what is everyone else’s opinions on the semi-new stuff? …I just thought about it all some more. I don’t like any of it. Sorry.

Lackthereof- Last November Lackthereof’s myspace

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Gfc

Beck- Soul Of A Man

Coldplay- Death Will Never Conquer (recently released track available free on their website)

Bloc Party- Mercury

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Paleo, a.k.a, David Andrew Strackany is one of the most interesting artists I have come across. Paleo started, and successfully completed, a project called “The Song Diary”, he recorded a song every day for a year, while he was touring/travelling through 152 cities, playing 215 shows. That is absolutely amazing, 365 songs, over 17 hours of music, and all of it available on his website. I have come to realize my obsession with lo-fi folk (Devendra Banhart/Beirut type) music, and Paleo is as lo-fi as amazing lo-fi folk can get.

Paleo- In The Morning Linda Dies

Paleo- Somewhere There Is A Mountain


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It’s taken me about…FOREVER to somewhat like the music of Manchester Orchestra. I’m super glad I stuck it out and started to enjoy them, even slightly, because it is Andy Hull’s side project, Right Away, Great Captain! (“The Bitter End” album released in 2007) that I have fallen head over heals for. I know I’ve been pretty brutal with updating lately, and to be honest, its because I haven’t felt any urge at all to write about any music, because nothings stood out!. But, Right Away, Great Captain is screaming “Write about me! god dammit! I’m soooo good! I was recorded in 3 days in an old log cabin! I’m a concept album about a sailor at sea!! Write about me!”. Soo, yes, a brilliant brilliant concept album, ringing with beautiful melodies and an incredible story line. A sound similar to a mix between Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists, and a new album out (hopefully) very, very soon. Anyways, Andy Hull is completely brilliant, listen:

Right Away, Great Captain!- Love, Come Save Me

Right Away, Great Captain!- Cause I’m So Scared Of Dying


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