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Every few months I fall into this obsession with Elliott Smith, it lasts for about two weeks, and ends when it all just makes me too sad. I play him constantly, all the time, repeated for two weeks. It ends, and then starts up again when I least expect it. To honour my obsession with him at the moment, here is an ode to “Between the Bars”. My two favourite covers are the live cover Holly Miranda (from The Jealous Girlfriends) and Scott Matthew perform, mostly because Holly Miranda’s voice fits the song perfectly, and the emotion she put into it is absolutely incredible. Chris Garneau does an incredible cover of the song and La Blogotheque does an incredible video (shown in one of my below posts)

Elliott Smith – Between the Bars

Chris Garneau- Between the Bars

Madeline Peyroux- Between the Bars

Patrick Watson- Between the Bars (live)

Emily Haines (Metric) acoustic cover:

Holly Miranda (The Jealous Girlfriends) and Scott Matthew Live Cover:

Holly Miranda (The Jealous Girlfriends) and Kevin Devine Live Cover:


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How many artists have covered Modest Mouse? If copying is the most sincere form of flattery, Modest Mouse should be the cockiest band in the world (besides, maybe, Bob Dylan..and The Beatles). Some of the most famous Modest Mouse covers probably go out to Sun Kil Moon, with Ben Lee’s “Float On” close behind. My favourites have been (same names) Joshua James cover of “Custom Concern”, mostly because I love Joshua James more than words and I love “Custom Concern” more than i could ever explain. After that I would have to say Josh Ritters cover of “Blame it on the Tetons”, I mean…its JOSH RITTER! he can’t screw anything up! I have only spent a couple minutes going through my music library to collect some of the best, but this will be an on going blog post, more covers to come. enjoy!

Joshua James- Custom Concern

Josh Ritter- Blame it on the Tetons

Sun Kil moon- Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes

Goldspot- Float On

Sun Kil Moon- Ocean Breathes Salty

Ben Lee- Float On

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